Very reliable market data, measurable facts and insights: the starting point for knowing more about product demand, destination attractivity or flight capacities in order to optimize your own pricing and sales management. We answer your questions with tailor-made analyses or use one of our predefined market reports, which enable an objective assessment of your performance in comparison to the market.

With its foundation Travel Data + Analytics (TDA) took over the travel sales tracking run since 2004 by the Nuremberg market research company GfK. After transferring the GfK data to a new IT landscape, Travel Intelligence was set up as an independent solution with a machine-learning database and associated analysis tool. With the raw data collected from travel agencies and numerous online portals of tour operators and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), a representative picture for the German tour operator market is calculated and condensed into concretely applicable market knowledge. The requirements of tourism companies for a up to date controlling tool and further developing, increasingly dynamic issues can thus be mapped reliably and promptly without giving up the core of a market-representative method that can be consistently compared over time.

Data Source

By the Travel Intelligence database, the leisure travel booking data from a fixed and controlled sample of point of sales is stored via the connected reservation and mid-office systems. For each reporting week, we prepare the current confirmed characteristics of the recorded bookings using a combination of big data / machine learning technology and statistical extrapolation methods that have been approached and proofed for many years.

By this way we ensure that the raw data supplied by various sales channels (stationary travel agencies, online travel portals and mobile sales), in various formats, with varying quality & consistency, is representative of the market for tour operators and OTAs and that the analysis results are objectively comparable.

TDA provides transparency to the current booking situation generate actionable insights, whereby particularly high demands on the statistical resilience and quality of the reported booking trends are met.

Predefined market reports

We provide a wide range of predefined market reports and analysis for key market players in the travel industry. With our reports, we ensure that relevant answers are available at very short notice for the most important questions.

For example, tour operators learn everything about market volumes and market shares, airports recognize untapped potential based on ground migration and destinations receive valuable impulses for controlling their sales and marketing activities with the current advance bookings for the coming season. 

The most important questions from our perspective, for which we have answers ready, are:

Total market sales tracker

What is the weekly sales volume?

How is the travel industry performing compared to reference periods?

Which booking channel, which product or which travel destination is particularly popular and is booked above average? 

Seasonal booking trend

What does the current booking intake mean with regard to the booking status for future departure periods? 

What is the booking intake, the adjusted booking status and the filling level for the next season? 

Is a specific market player or product performing particularly well?


How do short-term effects stimulate or dampen new bookings for booked destinations, products or tour operators?

How do external events affect the average advance booking period?


Which tour operator increases its sales volume above average?

With which product does the increase succeed? 

Which airline, departure airport or hotel chain is benefiting the most?

Price analytics

At what price are currently selected hotel offers booked?

How does my offer compare to the competition?

What change in new bookings can be expected if the price is changed by a certain amount?


How will the further course of the season develop?

Which influencing factors influence how much the booking volume?

How does my market share change with certain measures?