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Travel Data + Analytics (TDA) supports tourism companies with continuous market analyses based on anonymized booking data, which is collected via data interfaces and extrapolated in a market-representative way. Become a data partner now and receive: Comprehensive and regular insights into the development of travel sales.

What is TDA Travel Intelligence

With TDA Travel Intelligence, a fiduciary database with booking data from travel sales (stationary and online) is established in various source markets in order to be able to report promptly on the current booking situation to all market participants interested in it. While cooperating data partners regularly receive predefined reports free of charge as compensation, TDA distributes specially developed reports to third parties such as tour operators, destinations and airports - naturally without disclosing which sales organization contributes to the results and to what extent. In addition, TDA offers in-depth analyses for forecasts, demand and price elasticities as well as strategic portfolio evaluations.

Guaranteed anonymity - participation without effort

The booking data provided does not contain any personal data of the travelers, is processed exclusively anonymously and treated confidentially. Conclusions about individual sales offices/cooperations or online agencies are not possible.

Moreover, your participation in TDA Travel Intelligence does not involve any effort on your part. We retrieve your booking data fully automatically from the reservation or mid-office system. All that is required is your declaration of consent.

Data partners know more

We thank you for providing your data with real benefits that give you a competitive advantage. Every six months, you will receive our free TDA analyses, with which we evaluate booking trends and comparative data in travel sales and condense them into practical information. The TDA analyses and deep market insights help you to better assess yourself in comparison to the competition and to take the right marketing and sales measures. For example, learn all about:

  • Trends & Developments: Current booking developments, advance booking of upcoming travel months.
  • Benchmark: Total market and source regions in comparison
  • Sales tips: Current travel and booking trends
  • In focus: Destinations, spending behavior, types of travel, and much more.

By participating in Travel Intelligence, you strengthen the negotiating position and strategic decision-making ability of your company and/or umbrella organization.

Travel Data + Analytics GmbH is an independent company based in Germany that specializes in market analyses in the tourism environment. As a service provider and partner in the industry, numerous tourism companies trust us. Now all you need to do is say "yes" and soon you too will be part of the circle of selected partners. For your declaration of consent, but also for questions, please contact us: Contact form

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