Summer season 2019 reaches break even

Nuremberg, 16 September 2019 - At the current booking level at the end of August 2019, the negative balance of the current summer season has been balanced. This means that the summer sales generated to date by travel agencies and online travel portals with holidays between May and October 2019 are now cumulatively at the previous year's level. In the booking month of August, a summer sales increase of seven percent with winter travel sales below the previous year (minus three percent) adds up to a total of two percent more sales compared to the same month last year.

For the current summer season, travel sales in the booking month of August have accumulated substantial growth of seven percent. Growth in both sales channels - stationary and online - was almost equally high. In relation to the cumulative summer balance sheets, however, online travel sales are in a better position with a plus of five percent. In stationary travel sales, summer sales are still two percent down on the previous year. Taken together, this results in a summer balance at the previous year's level. At the current booking level at the end of August 2019, 95 percent of last year's seasonal sales have been booked. It is quite possible that in the remaining two booking months until the end of this year's summer season, travel sales will be able to maintain this level and thus continue the previous year's strong growth.

August 2019 was characterised by a comparatively high booking volume for short-term holidays departing in August or September. They account for 35.2 per cent of monthly sales (prior-year month: 33.1 per cent). Both travel months have visibly improved compared to the previous month with the additional revenues achieved: August, with all departures completed, ends with revenues at the previous year's level, while September, despite the improvement, remains below the previous year's level (currently: -1.4 per cent). 

Travel bookings for the coming winter season accounted for a good third of August revenue - 1.8 percentage points less than in the same month last year. Even the revenue achieved was unable to keep pace with the previous year (minus three per cent). This means that the coming 2019/20 winter season will show a cumulative minus of four per cent compared to the current booking level. The new winter season is also running against a high-growth season of the previous year, which at that time showed an increase in sales of nine percent. 


The chart shows the travel revenues generated in August 2019 and cumulated up to the end of August 2019 for the 2019 summer season and the 2019/20 winter season compared with the previous year. Both holiday travel bookings in stationary travel agencies and online on the travel portals of tour operators and online travel agencies (OTAs) with a focus on package tours are included. The left-hand side of the chart shows how much revenue has been generated in per cent for the summer and winter seasons compared to the previous year's season (final figures).

About TDA Travel Intelligence

The tourist retail panel Travel Insights is based on the booking data of around 2,000 travel agencies that represent the stationary sales market in Germany. In addition, the booking data of the classic travel portals and tour operators are recorded online. Extrapolated to the overall market, the Travel Insights analyses allow reliable conclusions to be drawn about the booking and travel behaviour of German holidaymakers. Current trends and developments in the tourism market can be traced promptly. The core business of travel agencies and the online travel portals of tour operators and so-called OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) is based on holiday trips booked as a package or in modules.

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About Travel Data + Analytics

Travel Data + Analytics GmbH (TDA), founded by Dr Markus Heller, acquired the tourism retail panel Travel Insights from GfK in April 2019. Until the end of the current tourism year 2018/19, i.e. the end of October 2019, booking data from travel sales and analyses will continue to be processed via GfK's systems. The system development on the part of TDA runs in parallel. Upon completion of the transition phase, all booking data will be loaded retroactively from the 2016/17 tourism year, ensuring a seamless transition.