The successful business development of your company is our mission. We assist tourism enterprises in better understanding their own performance in the context of the industry and against the background of current market developments, and in optimally exploiting potential. The travel sales panel Travel Insights has been on the market for 15 years and has long been firmly established as the tourism industry’s currency. Numerous tour operators and associations, airports and destinations rely on the independent analyses, as it is the only panel depicting the German travel market in a market-representative manner on the basis of real booking data and professional projection methods with the highest data quality. 


Reliable analyses of booking, travel and spending behavior of German tourists for the travel industry.

The travel industry requires reliable market data in order to be able to track current trends and developments in the holiday travel market in a timely manner. The analyses of Travel data + Analytics enable reliable conclusions on the booking, travel and spending behavior of German tourists. With targeted evaluations, TDA forms the foundation for strategic business decisions for product and sales management of tour operators, airports, destinations/ tourist offices, shipping companies and other tourism service providers or marketers. 


Representative booking data of travel sales stationary/online converted to practical market expertise.

The travel sales panel of Travel Data + Analytics analyzes the booking data of more than 2,000 travel agencies as well as numerous online portals of tour operators and online travel agencies (OTAs). The previous day’s data gathered from this constant random sample of the reservation and mid-office systems is representative of the German market. Hundreds of thousands of real bookings per month are processed in the TDA’s systems and converted to concrete applicable market expertise. For instance, tour operators are informed about the market volume and market shares, airports can detect potentials that have not been fully used on the basis of ground migration, and destinations can receive valuable impetus for the control of their sales and marketing activities by using current advance bookings for the coming season. 


Tailor-made analyses answer specific questions & individual challenges.

Valid market data – measurable facts – are the basis for tailoring product, destination or flight planning to the sales market and optimizing your own pricing and sales management. We specifically answer your concrete questions and individual requirements with tailor-made analyses. Benefit from our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market in order to drive your own growth and to increase your market competitiveness.